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Zhangjiang Industry Park, Shanghai

  • Improved space efficiency
  • Reduced construction and operation cost
  • Increased building versatility
  • Environmentally Responsible

Challenge: Meet the vertical transportation demands of a range of buildings designed for high-tech, innovative uses

Established in July 1992, Shanghai's Zhangjiang Industry Park is one of China's top high-tech centers. Designed for the development of new and high technology, the park integrates industry, education, and research and development in one location. It fosters innovation and entrepreneurship among the leading industries of information technology and modern biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

In 1999, to further accelerate development within the park, its size was increased from 17 square kilometers (6.56 square miles) to 25 square kilometers (9.6 square miles). With two new sections under development, Riverfront Harbor I and Riverfront Harbor II, the park needed an elevator solution as innovative and high-tech as the companies that reside there.

The Solution: Otis and the Gen2™ elevator

Since its debut on the Chinese market, Otis' Gen2TM elevators have been installed in a range of buildings, including the Shanghai International Circuit, Oriental Art Center, Shanghai Tobacco Museum and Shanghai International Trade Center.

Now, within Shanghai Zhangjiang Industry Park's Riverfront Harbor I and Riverfront Harbor II sections, 98 Gen2 elevators have been installed in 50 new buildings, including research centers, exhibition centers and various business facilities—the largest Gen2 installation to date. In addition, 25 Otis' Gen2 elevators have been installed in buildings in other sections of the park, for a total of 123 units park-wide.

Chen Jianbo, chief executive officer of Shanghai Zhangjiang Industry Park, said, "It is Gen2's high technology, unique design, environment-orientation and safety—the trend of the 21st century—that makes the Gen2 elevator our perfect choice."

Specifically, Gen2 elevators use breakthrough technology in the form of flat, polyurethane-coated steel belts to lift the elevator car. These belts have a lifespan two to three times that of traditional wire rope. The unique design of the machine and controller mean Gen2 equipment can be installed in the hoistway, which makes a separate machine room unnecessary, saves space and reduces construction and operation costs. Meanwhile, it makes the building more versatile and more attractive, which meets the different needs of owners, architects, constructors and customers. Furthermore, the gearless machine and belt need no lubricating oil, making the hoistway clean and Gen2 elevators an environment-friendly choice.

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