The sleek Gen2 elevator design complements the architecture at La Finca's facilities . . .

. . . while providing superior ride quality.

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La Finca Business Park, Madrid

  • No machine room
  • Superior ride quality
  • Reliable performance
  • Substantial energy savings

Challenge: Ensure a ride as luxurious as the surroundings

Real State Somosaguas, a Spanish real estate developer, needed more than a way to move passengers up and down in its newest development, a luxurious office complex near Madrid: It needed an elevator as sleek and contemporary as the building surrounding it.

The business park, called La Finca, is located in Pozuelo de Alarcón, a suburb 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) northwest of Madrid. La Finca sprawls more than 350 hectares (864.9 acres), with 16 deluxe office buildings, residential buildings, commercial services and restaurants. Considering La Finca's prospective tenants—including well-known, high-tech global companies, Somosaguas wasn't interested in an ordinary elevator system.

The Solution: Otis and the Gen2™ elevator

Somosaguas knew Otis and its elevators, having previously collaborated with Otis in installing 64 elevators in residential houses in Madrid, and also in several deluxe office buildings in the capital. But it was also exploring elevators from other manufacturers in order to best meet La Finca's needs. Ultimately unsatisfied with those options, Somosaguas again turned to Otis.

After seeing other Gen2 installations in Spain, Somosaguas visited Otis' factory in Gien, France, to get to know the product inside and out. This visit, along with visits to Gen2 elevator installations in France, convinced Somosaguas that the Gen2 system's features couldn't be beat.

The Gen2 system's coated-steel belt, which weighs up to 20 percent less than conventional ropes, requires a much smaller machine that fits easily inside the elevator hoistway, eliminating the need for a costly, separate machine room in the building. The patented Gen2 elevator drive system also delivers unrivalled ride quality and smooth, quiet operation with outstanding leveling accuracy (to within +/- 3 millimeters at every landing).

The Gen2 system is also a marked advance in reliability. Its long-lasting coated steel belt, smooth crowned sheaves and reduction of moving parts in the gearless machine have dramatically reduced wear, increased durability and considerably lowered operational noise. In addition, the Gen2 system is extremely environmentally friendly, as neither its polyurethane belts nor its gearless machine require any form of polluting lubrication. Substantial energy savings are another plus when compared with larger conventional machines equipped with induction motors.

"Otis' Gen2 system with flat belt technology provides a consistently quiet, smooth ride," said Cándido Moreno, production and building manager of La Finca. "With nearly 100 Gen2 elevators in operation at La Finca, ride quality, reliability and energy efficiency are paramount. We couldn't be happier—and our customers couldn't be happier—with the superior performance and service that Otis products and people provide."

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