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Proven performance since 2000

The award-winning Gen2 system is the fastest selling product in the history of Otis.

With its flexible design and environmental benefits, the Gen2 system continues to be selected for countless projects around the world from small residential buildings to leading landmarks.



Christ the Redeemer

The Challenge: Improve access to a world-famous mountaintop monument without detracting from the natural setting or the monument itself.

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Zhangjiang Industrial Park

The Challenge: Meet the vertical transportation demands of a range of buildings designed for high-tech innovative uses.

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Virgin Store

The Challenge: Seamlessly blend the old and the new in a dramatic way

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La Finca Business Park

The Challenge: Ensure a ride as luxurious as the surroundings

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The Gen2 system has also been recognized with awards from numerous organizations:

  • A "Green Product Award" from the China Environmental Protection Foundation, a non-government group dedicated to protecting the environment. Otis was the first elevator company to receive such an award.
  • The "Korea Green Management Excellence Award" from Korea Management Association Registration & Assessments Inc. (KMAR), a member organization of the South Korean government’s Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Energy.
  • China’s "Top 10 Architectural Science and Technology Achievements," the most prestigious award in China’s construction industry.
  • Spain’s "100 best ideas" in the social responsibility category by the country’s leading business magazine, Actualidad Económica.


Green Products, Green Processes

Otis has taken its commitment to the environment to the next level