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Comfort, Flexibility, Reliability and Lower Costs.

Environmentally friendly

The Gen2 system is up to 50 percent more energy efficient than conventional systems, enabling developers and owners to manage the building more economically as well as benefit from lower building costs and increased rentable space. In addition, the Gen2 system’s flat, polyurethane-coated steel belts and gearless machine do not require any additional lubrication, making the system cleaner for the environment.

Smooth, quiet performance

The Gen2 system replaces conventional steel ropes with coated steel belts. The unique, patented flat-belt drive technology virtually eliminates vibration, providing passengers and tenants a remarkably smooth, quiet ride and improved overall comfort.

Flexible, space-saving configuration

Flat belts enable a more compact elevator system, eliminating the need for a machine room for most building applications and offering architects and designers greater flexibility in building design.

Rapid installation

With integrated components and proven work practices, Otis has streamlined the installation process, so builders benefit from a more controlled installation with minimum building interface.

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Green Products, Green Processes

Otis has taken its commitment to the environment to the next level